Improvements to Route C – Prescott

Steve and John spent a long day and multiple trips with their dumper of hardcore and stone and spread with Steve’s digger to improve the going at the Prescott end of route M.

This work was finished off Monday evening with some extra help from Pete and Chris and 2 further loads of stone spread in the eroded and wet areas.

Many thanks to Steve and John for their hard work.

We plan to have a further work-party for this route to clear back the overgrowing edges and open up the path. There are also a couple of wet  patches which may require more stone if we can arrange to get the stone there. This work-party will probably be on a Friday evening followed by a chip supper!

prescott-4 prescott-3 prescott-2 prescott-1

Improvements to Route C – Detton to Prescott

John and Steve have used their digger and dumper to make some good improvements to Route C.

Before and After Pictures

IMG_0356_003 IMG_0361_004 IMG_0420_007IMG_0412_005 IMG_0416_006

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Drainage work on Prescott to Detton Bridleway

On Sat 3rd November, John Sutton, Steve Jones, Cyril ??? and Pete Brown, met at Prescott to continue the drainage pipe on, up the hill from where the drainage work had already been done. That part of the bridleway has dried up well with the work that had been done previously. The section above has remained wet to the top of the hill. A trench with2 laterals  was dug by Steve with his mini digger and the drainage pipe laid with 2 dumper loads of gravel on top and 2 dumper loads of stone. Hopefully this will make this section as dry as the one below. This task took from 10:30 until it got dark, so thanks for the efforts of all involved. Also thanks to Steve and Cyril for use of the machines.

working party

We are having a work party on Monday 6th August at 5.30pm on the Detton- Prescott bridleway, meeting at the Detton end. Please bring loppers and slashers.

Major Improvement Works to Drainage

Work was done over 3 days to put in drainage to improve the area that has always been a problem towards the Prescott end of the path whenever it is wet. Stephen and John did most of the work with help from various others including myself, Pete, Arthur, Cyril, Clare. Funding for the digger work, stone and pipe was provided via the grant we received from the Cleobury Country pot of the Local Joint Committee (thanks to Clare for organising this) plus a match funding contribution from ourselves in labour and our own funds. We hope this work will show benefits to this important route in our area.

Pete’s got a new horse!!!!

At last, I have a horse, he’s called Solo and is so ace. Went for a hack with Jo and Johnson, detton – prescott around the permissive route. Going is great, fab canters, Jonhson and Solo behaved so well together, big smiles from both Solo and me.

Meeting with Council

Site visit to look at the wet area with John, Chris and Phil Betts (Council) -see Post below . Council will look into supplying stone and possibly 100m of 4″ drainage pipe and let us know if this is possible. Depending upon fund raising to pay for digger costs we can then hopefully do the work on this this summer.

Serious Problem

Even though we have opened up the path where the going was wet  this has got worse and is now nearly impassable. John and Chris had a site meeting with the land owner. The only option is to lay a drainage pipe down the centre of the path to take away the excess water. This will require approx.  100m of drainage pipe covered with gravel. A gateway/barrier will also be required at the bottom of the slope to stop vehicles and also horses going too fast (this is next to a crossing used by a quad route). The land owner is happy for us to improve the route and would allow access for equipment across his fields if dry enough.

The group have agreed this should be a priority if we can get funding.

A quiz night has been arranged to try to get some funding (see Events).