Cleeview Fixed This poster posted

The “Clee View Fixed This” posters have been posted on the recently refurbished Hinton bridle way.

Project for Route A – Hinton to Hardwick to be supported

Great news, we have just heard from the council that they will provide the materials necessary to improve the drainage on Route A, Hinton to Hardwick Forge. This is a major project and will make an important route usable again.

Steve, John and Chris had a site visit to survey the route on Wednesday and Chris emailed Tim (Rights Of Way Officer) with a schedule of materials and work plan. Tim contacted Chris next day and had agreed to finance the materials.

The drainage pipe will be on order this week and will be delivered to John’s and we can then order the stone when we need it direct from the haulage contractor who will invoice the council. Materials to be supplied are –

16 tonne drainage gravel
16 tonne fine/small stone for topping
32 tonne 75mm down stone or similar
12 x 6m lengths of twin wall perforated pipe (6″diam)
Costs for digger and dumper hire will be financed from our own funds. Steve and John estimate it will take them approximately 3 days. We may need to arrange a fund raiser to cover a small shortfall but Steve is happy to wait for final payment so we can undertake the work as soon as the pipes have arrived and Steve and John can allocate some time.
The first job will be to have a work party to clear the overhanging branches and undergrowth. We will need volunteers to help with this, date to be agreed.
The other improvement and access work projects that the council agreed to do (see notes under Meetings) are now in their plan and will be done as soon as they can arrange them.
Many thanks to Tim Simmons from Shropshire Council for his help.

Work Party – Friday 13th July 6:30pm

Work party to put signs up to mark route Y from Cleeton St Mary Church up hill to avoid dangerous wet areas. Meet at back of church by start of bridleway.  If enough people are available then also need to do some clearance work on Hinton bridleway (Route A).

Drainage Work Completed

32 Tonnes of stone provided by the council have been laid by a work party (John, Steve, Cyril, Chris).  The route is now easily passable with no more disappearing into bottomless mud. Many thanks to all involved.

We will arrange a work party to clear the other end which is over grown and may need some digger work.

Drainage Work Started

Work started to remove years of build up of mud to get back to a solid base.