Cancelled – Meeting 17th March

We have decided to postpone the meeting. One of the main purposes was to organise the Quiz fund raiser. Because of the Coronavirus issues we cannot really have the Quiz until the situation is a bit clearer.

We will re-arrange as soon as things have settled down.

Action – Sally please can you cancel the provisional bookings with the village hall. Thanks

Quiz Night Fund Raiser – Dates

Proposed dates for the Quiz Night are either Saturday 18th or 25th April. Sally has checked with Cleeton Village Hall and they have provisionally held these dates for us.

Please put these dates in your diary and let me know ASAP if you have a strong preference so that we can finalise the date when we meet on Tuesday 17th March.

Thanks, Chris.

Social Meal 25th Feb – Menu Choices

Please let us know if you are able to come along to the social meal on Tuesday 25th Feb and what you would like from below and confirm with Yvonne by Sunday 23rd mid-day. Email:

We will have a short meeting starting at around 7pm before the meal at 7:30pm.


Prawn Marie Rose



Oven baked Camembert


Steak and Ale Pie, Chips and Peas

Fish Pie with Peas

Lasagne with Salad

Feta Lasagne with Salad

Faggots, Mash and Peas

Chicken tikka balti with rice and naan


Sticky Toffee Pudding

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Bakewell Tart

Chocolate slump

The price for mains is £9. Two courses £13, three courses £17

Some of the great work done this summer !

There has been some great work done over the last couple of months on a number of routes including Nunnery Lane (K), Crammer Gutter (F), Prescott (C), Hinton (A) and Keepers Cottage (R).

Many thanks to all who have helped and especially, Steve, John and Ted.

Also many thanks to Arthur for repairing a rather nice but broken brush cutter which has been donated for us to use by Colin and Clare (bottom of Factory Lane).

Crammer Gutter – Stoning by bottom gate and new gate post and stoning by top gate

Hinton – Digger work to clear path

Nunnery Lane – Digger, dumper work to clear drains and path and stoning.

Great turnout for Workparty -10 Aug 19

Many thanks John, Gill, John, Sandra, Steve, Yvonne, Pip, Sally, Clare, Chris, Jo, Pete and Ted who all turned out in the rain this morning for the work party.

We cleared the Nunnery path and removed the large falling down tree that was blocking the route over the stream. This needed Steve and John’s dumper to provide a safe platform as the tree was wedged against another tree quite high up. We also cleared the path all across the common (Route K) as well as the path and a tree that was overhanging on Route J (back of The Mounts).

Next step will be to take a dumper load of stone to Nunnery Lane to improve the path by the gate and for some digger work to the ditch leading down to the gate. Also the gate could do with a slight adjustment so that it closes more slowly. Spanners will be needed. We will add a post when the date for this work has been decided.

Thanks again to everyone for helping to keep our bridleways safe to use. Many hands make the job so much easier!

Minutes AGM 2019 and Meeting – 30 July 2019


John (Chairman), Gill, Chris, Jo, Sally, Alan, Steve, Philippa, Pete, Louise, John, Sandra, Ted


Yvonne, Clare

Previous Minutes (see website):

These were approved by all attendees

Chairman’s Report:

A number of successful work parties were held to clear routes (see website for details). Thanks to all who helped.

During 2018 the group committed over 60 hrs of volunteer work (not including meetings etc.).


Balance as of 30th July is £662.22. During last 12 mths we had an income of £150 grant plus £330 from the Quiz fund raiser. Expenditure was £318.24 for stone and £72 digger work. We have a commitment of approx £45 for dumper hire.

We have some stone in stock for projects.


Trustees – Chris proposed that all attending to be elected as Trustees (see Present for list of names, Seconded by Sally.

Chairman – John Sutton

Secretary/Treasurer – Chris Bargman

Proposed John, Seconded Steve.

The AGM was formally closed and the meeting then went on to discuss activities for 2019.

Improvement Projects/Work Parties

Back Of Mounts (J) and path to Lubberland/Nunnery Lane. Overhanging tree needs cutting back by where stone and drainage was done a few years ago. Also path is getting narrow and cut up in places between gorse bushes. These could be cut back to open up path.

Nunnery Lane (K). Chris, John and Steve have had a site visit. Wet/muddy area by gate at bottom of lane onto common needs stoning and section of ditch needs clearing. Need to investigate drainage under path at bottom just before gate. Looks like might be pipe with entrance in a small fenced off area. Will first need some clearance work and overhanging tree by brook needs to be cut down. Will probably need a ladder as leaning tree is lying across another tree.

ACTION: Clearance work party on Saturday 10th August 10am. Chris to send out reminder.

John will bring dumper down common to the brook to collect timber and use as platform to cut tree. Steve/John will bring chainsaw. Will need strimmers, loppers etc to clear path up nunnery lane.

Meet at bottom end Nunnery Lane off Stockhall Lane (can park at end).

Chris will cut back tree behind The Mounts. Also look at where bank is falling away by 3 springs.

Factory Lane to Prescott (D). John, Steve and Ted had site visit. New owners (Colin and Claire) are happy for us to do work.  Very wet area by gate and gate difficult to use. Needs ditching and clearance work along path as well as burning of brashings. May need more than one work party. Can then assess drainage work.

ACTION: Clearance work party on Saturday 7th September 10am. Chris to send out reminder.

Cleeton Court to High Lane (N). Getting badly overgrown and gates appear to have dropped and need some adjustment to make them more usable. Should not take too much work.

ACTION – Work party to be arranged.

Keepers Cottage – Detton (Route R). Getting overgrown and dangerous as next to wire fence.

ACTION: Ted offered to strim this and John to inform owners at Keepers cottage that we will be doing some work.

Detton Prescott (C) – Would benefit from some clearance but is passable. Possible work party later in summer.

Cleeton St Mary to Hill (Y) – We still need to finish marking this route and replace damaged markers.

ACTION: John has some posts still in stock.These will need to be pointed to knock in. Work party to be arranged to meet at Sally and Alan’s.

Crammer Gutter – Route across top of field is OK in summer. Gate in top corner is bit difficult. Need to look at how easy it would be to fix this (old gate). Agreed that we will not look at major improvement project this year (complex due to approval requirements from Natural England/SWT).

Route up common to Upper Marshes.

ACTION Chris to remove any of the dangerous white marker posts that have still not been removed since work was done by Natural England over 18 mths ago. Will also cut back overhanging trees by lower marshes. Riders should use the longer route past lower marshes and not cut the corner.

Brush Cutter – We have been offered the use of a relatively new self propelled DR flail brush cutter by Colin and Claire (Factory Lane). This needs repairing. John has repaired chain but appears to be problem with drive line.

ACTION: Chris to ask if Arthur/Dave would be happy to look at this. We are happy to budget around £200 for repair if this can be fixed as it would make clearance work so much easier. If it can be repaired we will also budget a small amount for each time it is used to pay for whoever uses it for collection, fuel (needs a trailer for transport).

If we do get the cutter repaired then we can more easily tackle some of the other clearance work.


John mentioned that in past Council have offered us access to free training eg Chainsaw use. John will check on this.