menu for meal

Happy new year everyone, here is our menu for Wednesday 10th January, at the Fighting Cocks, we will have a short meeting at 7.15pm followed by our meal at 7.45pm


Soup- broccoli and blue cheese

Prawn Cocktail



Fish and Chips

Steak and ale pie


Vegetarian Option

Creamy Veg Pie

Feta Lasagne


Sticky toffee pudding

Baileys Cheesecake

Lemon Meringue Pie

£13 2 courses

£17 3 courses

Please e-mail Yvonne with your choice by MONDAY 8th  which is

Social Meal Wednesday 10th January

We will have our Christmas/social meal and meeting on Wednesday 10th January at the Fighting Cocks Stottesdon. Put this date in your diary.

Menu choice to follow.

Minutes Meeting 7th Dec 2017

Attendees: John, Chris, Gill,  Yvonne, Steve, Sally

Apologies: Kay, Gill, Pete, Louise, Corinne

Review of Routes/Issues

Walters Lane

Still waiting for council to do the work as promised over 12 months ago. Chris has chased a number of times. Latest email reply received 10th November was – “We haven’t forgotten you, we just have some issues with availability of plant.  We are also having to do some training to improve our towing and cannot tow plant for the time being. This will be resolved hopefully by the end of next week and Tim is fully aware of the need to get to this job as soon as possible.  I will ask Tim to let you know as soon as we can get back to this job.”

Agreed that we if nothing has been done by next meeting (mid Jan) all members to individually contact council. Emails to the address on their website should have a response within 10 days so they are obliged to respond.

Crammer Gutter (across top of field)

Grant submission was unsuccessful (thanks to Lou for doing this). Work is on-hold until we have enough funds.


A section being regularly used by RW (to feed cattle) but seems to be holding up OK. Any issues to be reported to group.

The Firs

Main gate onto road has been chained and is difficulty to undo and open. The wicket gate is difficult/dangerous to use (strong return spring and post box with sharp edges). We agreed that for our purposes we should make sure the wicket gate is easy/safe to use.

Sally has contacted council but no response so far.

Action: John/Steve will have a look and see if this can be improved.

Tangles (alternative route from Hill Houses onto common)

Has become very overgrown since we cleared this a couple of years ago.

Action: Work party next year.

Crammer Gutter to bottom of Withies Bank

Has on occasion been blocked by vehicles parked at cottage at end of Crammer Gutter/

Action: All to monitor and report if problem continues.

Time Sheet

John will complete time sheet early next year for the work we have done (at same time as we submit annual grant funding application).

Fund Raiser

Plan to do another quiz in spring with shared rounds. Will agree details at next meeting (Jan).

At same time will promote the groups activities and “encourage” all local riders to join/contribute. Clare has done a poster. Cleeview poster

Next Meeting/Late Christmas Meal

We will have our annual group late Christmas meal/meeting at the Fighting Cocks in January. Proposed dates are Wednesday 10th or Wednesday 17th January.

Action: Yvonne to check with pub and get menu

Meeting Thursday 7th December 2017 – 7pm

We will have a short meeting on Thursday 7th December starting at 7pm at Johns’ house to discuss plans for next year and also our “late” Christmas meal/get together (sometime in Jan).

Please try to come along.

Let John or myself know if you are able to attend.

Thanks and hope to see you on 7th.


Routes P and M Cleared

Work parties Sunday 13th August – John and Yvonne cleared overhanging branches, brambles etc. from route P Prescott over the river and Chris and Jo did similar on the top half of the main Hill Houses route up onto the common.  Also thanks to Jon for trying his best to join the work parties.

Over the last 3 weeks we have completed approaching 100 hrs of voluntary work on the bridleways. Something we can use to try to get help from the council towards larger projects. We will be chasing them.

Work Parties Sunday 13th August 2017

A small work party is meeting to do some clearance work on Detton Bridleway. Contact John for details. 01746 718652.

Jo and Chris will be doing some clearance work on Hill Houses. Contact Chris 01299 270514

Work Party 6th August 2017 – Great Job Done

Many thanks to John, James, Olwen, Izzie, Kate, Yvonne, Steve, Corrine,  Kay, Pippa, Sally, Alan, Sandra and John for the work on clearing Route R – Titford Bridge. Again a great turn out and the route is now much easier to use.

Route R – Titford Bridge (Detton to Neen Savage) – Thank you

Rode the Titford bridge this afternoon after the work party had done their stuff. Excellent! This is one of our longer routes and makes a lovely and interesting ride.   The bridge could be a bit of a challenge but so long as you are sensible (dismount) and take your time the horses don’t seem to mind. There are helpful lengths of rope to close the gates behind you.  I did clear back the nettles from the gate onto the road at Detton which is a bit narrow so take care. Also the gate by Keepers Cottage has a large log under so your horse needs to be happy stepping over this. There is a great opportunity for a relatively safe fast canter all the way from the river crossing up towards the road at Detton.

Pictures below showing the path that has been cleared (a long stretch and now so much easier to use), the stoned section we did a couple of years ago is holding up well. Shows the long term value of what we do and doing a job well. The bridge and mounting blocks which have been cleared (each end) although the mounting blocks were obviously put in by a non-rider as the steps are the wrong way round for mounting the normal way.

Many thanks to the work party today for making this route such a pleasure to use.

Work Party Sunday 6th August 10am – Please come and help. Tittford Bridge – Keepers Cottage

Your help needed for a bridleway clearance work party on Sunday 6th August, Tittford Bridge – Keepers Cottage bridleway. This is a lovely route but has got overgrown in parts.

Meet at  Olwen’s (Reaside Farm, Neen Savage, DY14 8ES) at 10am. Please try to come along to help as we saw last week that many hands soon get the work done for the benefit of all. Bring equipment suitable for clearance work.

Any questions contact John Sutton – 01746 718652.

Work Party – 30th July – Good Job Done

We had a very good turn out on Sunday for the clearance work party.

Thanks to John, Gill, Steve, Yvonne, Sally, Alan, John, Sandra, Jackie, Clare, Arthur, Chris, Jo.  It is amazing what can be achieved in a short time if enough people get together.  It only took an hour and a half  and we had cleared back the overgrown path and hedges for the full length of the bridleway opening it up and hopefully spreading the wear. This is a lovely path and well worth using. The lanes are very quiet to make a nice round route.

Also thanks to Yvonne for the invite back for Coffee and biscuits.

We hope to hold work parties on next 2 Sundays. Sunday 6th we are probably going to have a clearance party on Keepers Cottage to Tittford Bridge route. Sunday 13th will probably be Catherton Common and Hill Houses to clear back gorse and overhanging branches etc.

Will post details but please let John or Chris know if you can come along and help.