Improvements to Route F – Crammer Gutter

Steve, John, Pete and Chris have re-hung the gate onto the common and put in a new post and fence so that it now opens away from the dangerous drop down into the stream. There is now plenty of space to walk through and turn a horse to shut the gate without having to go into the stream.

Hopefully you will find this a big improvement.

Care Needed At Stream Crossing

The heavy rain last Friday has washed away much of the stone crossing on the brook at Crammer Gutter between the SWT field and the common. It looks like it is  just passable by horse with care. This will require some attention to make it safe again.

Rode this route yesterday and it was OK as long as you are careful around the gate.


Great new catch on the gate at the top of Cramer Gutter, really appreciated when we rode through yesterday.

Improved latch and general update

Repair work was started earlier in the year on the route on the common previously dmaaged by tractors and it is much better. Some further repairs have been requested when things dry up again. The loggers now have a route through the wood so should no longer need to use the bridleway to extract timber. There is one very wet section 1/2 way up the common which idealy needs some drainage work.

The improved drainage (see post 30th sep 2011) is holding up very well but should still be avoided if possible when very wet conditions to avoid damaging it too much.

New easy lift catch added to gate at end of Crammer Gutter and hinges adjusted on a couple of gates to make them self close.

Damage to Route on Common

The route on Catherton Common has recently been damaged by log extraction machinery creating deep ruts but is still passable with care although not very nice on foot.

The landowner (Shropshire Wildlife Trust) and council are aware and are making plans to have the route made good. A site meeting was held by SWT and council byways officers and their plan is to temporarily re-route the path while it is so wet and then get the people who did the damage to repair the route when it is drier. We will have to wait and see what comes of this.

Drainage Work Completed

Some pics of the major drainage work completed at the bottom end of this route which used to be almost impassable. Thanks to the Council and the Parish Path Partnership Officer (Philip Betts) for getting this sorted at last. It looks like they have done a good job putting in a drainage pipe to take the water away right across the wet field leading into a ditch the other side of the field. An open ditch has also been dug up the wooded section of the route which hopefully will help and a drainage pipe put in under a wet bit at the top. All the new gates have been well hung and should be easy to open although they do use the style standard latches.


Gate leading onto Catherton Common from the Shropshire Wildlife Trust Field. This was put in some time ago by the SWT to stop vehicles using the route and works very well.

Meeting with council

Council informed us that this is on list of priority work and depending upon budgets will be done ASAP. They have already lined up someone to do the work. They will let us know as soon as they know if/when this will be done. In meantime this route is to be avoided unless it has been VERY dry and even then is not really safe.

Gate Needs Re-hanging

The gate at the end of Crammer Gutter needs adjusting so that it can more easily be open and closed. The owners of the field (Shropshire Wildlife Trust) are aware of the problem and are happy for us to make adjustments.

Bad Wet Area

There is a very wet area at end of first field coming from the Oreton end. This is right by a gate and unless it has been very dry can be almost impassable. John has spoken to the land owner who has said they do not want us to do anything but will sort the drainage out themselves. The council are aware of the problem.  We will see if anything happens and if not will try again.