Site Meeting Crammer Gutter – 25th June 2021

We had a very wet site visit to look at work required on route F,G.

The bottom section going to Withies Bank is not too bad. The work done some years ago by the council is doing a good job but the drains do need some clearing out. As the land owner is not happy for us to do any work we need to approach the council to arrange for this to be done, possibly by Roddy Yapp who did the original work for the council.

The route across SWT nature reserve is not good particularly towards the top gate where there are some very deep boggy sections which would be dangerous to use.

We reviewed the proposal from SWT (done in 2107) and this still appears to be relevant and should improve the route considerably. Prior to our site visit Chris had contacted SWT plus council and NE. Council are happy so long as work does not cause issues to the other path on the field, SWT commented that this is a proposal and will need sign off from NE which they will need to obtain as the land owners.

We agreed to contact SWT, NE and Council and provide them with a report on our site visit and that we need these improvements done ASAP. We also agreed that we would start to pull together outline costs for the work to put into a grant application to the BHS. We will need an estimate for fencing costs. We agreed to contact local fencing contractors (e.g Kevin Phillips, Ant Harman) for an outline cost per metre.

During the visit some tweaks were also made to the gates (thanks to Ted who brought some tools).

Thanks to everyone who attended and got very wet. Clothes are still drying out.