Disappointing Turn Out 16th June, Meeting Notes


Chris, Jo, Steve, Philipa, Ted


Yvonne, John, Gill, Sally

John was called to another meeting at short notice which he had to attend. He and Chris met night before to go through items for the meeting.

General Comment to Local Riders 

Over the years the group has made some major improvements which are holding up well. Coming into height of summer routes do need maintenance and clearance to make them easy/safe to use. We need to encourage all local riders to be involved in helping maintain our bridleways. No one else is going to do it.

Action – Please try to contribute by attending meetings and work parties and encouraging anyone you know with an interest in our bridleways to become involved. Next meeting will be the AGM (see later item).

Work so far in 2019

John, Steve and Ted have completed work on Crammer Gutter (Route F) and Hinton (Route A). Many thanks. See previous reports.


2019 costs to date – £320 Stone, £72 Digger Hire, £45 Dumper and Matbro Hire.

Current Balance – £613

Routes Needing Attention/Work Parties

Back Of Mounts (J) and path to Lubberland/Nunnery Lane. Overhanging tree needs cutting back by where stone and drainage was done a few years ago. Also path is getting narrow and cut up in places between gorse bushes. These could be cut back to open up path.

Action – Work Party to be arranged.

Nunnery Lane (K). Wet/muddy area by gate at bottom of lane onto common needs work. Also some clearance work and overhanging tree by brook needs to be cut down.

Action – Chris and John to arrange site visit to see if we can get a dumper load of stone to the gate and any other drainage work needed then arrange work party.

Factory Lane to Prescott (D). New owners (Colin and Claire) are happy for us to do some work on this route. Main problem is very wet area by gate.

Action – John to arrange site visit and meeting with owners to assess what is needed.

Cleeton Court to High Lane (N). Sally recently walked this and reported that it is getting badly overgrown and also that gates appear to have dropped and need some adjustment to make them usable.

Action – Work party to be arranged.

Keepers Cottage – Detton (Route R). Ted reported that this is getting overgrown but is still passable. Would benefit from some clearance route later in summer.

Detton Prescott (C) – Would benefit from some clearance but is passable. Possible work party later in summer

Cleeton St Mary to Hill (Y) – We still need to finish marking this route. Also reports that couple of the marker posts we put in need checking (uprooted, rotten)


Proposed to hold an AGM in July. We will also arrange project work and work parties at the AGM.

Action – AGM date to be agreed and all to try attend to support the group

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