Route Update

Rode it today. Good route. 4 gates but all can be done from horse back. Starting from the Bridge by the River Rea go up field and go past the barn (to the right) to the top left of the field to find the gate. Sometime there is livestock/cattle in the field but never had a problem with them. Cross 2 more pasture fields then turn right into corn field. Some kind person has tied some string to this gate so you can shut it as you go through. Something we could perhaps do with some other routes.

Turn left down side of field then route is marked across the field about 15 yds down from gate. Usually this is kept clear of crop and route is obvious. Depending upon time of year you may come across hundreds of game birds in next field and down track. Luckily our horses were oblivious to them flying up out of the hedge under the horses legs! Enjoy.