Routes P and M Cleared

Work parties Sunday 13th August – John and Yvonne cleared overhanging branches, brambles etc. from route P Prescott over the river and Chris and Jo did similar on the top half of the main Hill Houses route up onto the common.  Also thanks to Jon for trying his best to join the work parties.

Over the last 3 weeks we have completed approaching 100 hrs of voluntary work on the bridleways. Something we can use to try to get help from the council towards larger projects. We will be chasing them.

Meeting with Council

John, Chris had site visit with council and council agreed to contact owner to ask them to cut back growth or to allow the Bridleway group to have a work party to clear this route.

Note – This route was cleared by council some time ago at great expense (had to remove a lot of dumped rubbish etc.). Now overgrown and needs clearing.