Improvement Work Started

Work is under way to improve this route from the Lanes End road up to the common. This is being done by Roddy Yapp and funded by the council. Care needs to be taken at moment if using the route. Should be completed in next few days.

Gate catch at the Firs.

The gate catch at the Firs has been replaced. Also for everybodys information halfway along the route over the common between Firs and Sandy Lane a ditch has been dug across what is the most obvious route to ride (along side the BOAT). A branch has been put in front of it to mark where it is. You wouldn’t what to go cantering into it.

New Gate

A new metal wicket gate has been installed of the road at the NE end of the route. Works well but is a bit difficult to reach the catch. Something we could look at improving. This route is a RUPP but has been closed by council for repairs. They are in process of improving the route on the common (badly damaged by 4x4s). Not a major problem as most horse riders tend to use a route avoiding the damage slightly to the N across the common which is OK.