Route R – Titford Bridge (Detton to Neen Savage) – Thank you

Rode the Titford bridge this afternoon after the work party had done their stuff. Excellent! This is one of our longer routes and makes a lovely and interesting ride.   The bridge could be a bit of a challenge but so long as you are sensible (dismount) and take your time the horses don’t seem to mind. There are helpful lengths of rope to close the gates behind you.  I did clear back the nettles from the gate onto the road at Detton which is a bit narrow so take care. Also the gate by Keepers Cottage has a large log under so your horse needs to be happy stepping over this. There is a great opportunity for a relatively safe fast canter all the way from the river crossing up towards the road at Detton.

Pictures below showing the path that has been cleared (a long stretch and now so much easier to use), the stoned section we did a couple of years ago is holding up well. Shows the long term value of what we do and doing a job well. The bridge and mounting blocks which have been cleared (each end) although the mounting blocks were obviously put in by a non-rider as the steps are the wrong way round for mounting the normal way.

Many thanks to the work party today for making this route such a pleasure to use.

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