Gate catch puller update, Silvington

Thanks for the comment Gill. I have been down there today and replaced the temporary one with a permanent more robust version. Please forgive the garish colours, but it needed to be done on a budget (free) using bits scrounged from work. At least you can see it! It does work smoothly with the nylon tube covering the wire. If any one has any others that need doing let me know and I shall see what I can do.


I have fitted a pull handle to the catch on the gate next to the cattle grid at the bottom of silvington common hill. Also adjusted the gate so that it opens more easily. Please make sure the gate is shut and secured after passing through as it hadn’t been when Marse and I rode this route today. The handle I have fitted is the MK I version, not so robust. I have a better one to fit, the MK II version, unfortunately I couldn’t fit it as my drill was blunt. I shall upgrade to MKII ASAP. Also be aware that the catch on the gate leading from the Firs onto the common is missing its handle making it a bit awkward to operate. I shall have a look at fixing it next weekend.